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  • Igorot Austria - Cordillera trip to Graz Styria, Austria last 7th of December 2013! Photos here!
  • Igorot Austria - Cordillera Graz Styria, Austria 7th of December 2013! Photos here!
  • WE DID IT AGAIN! Best Booth in the Philippines Barrio Fiesta Celebration in Vienna Austria 2013!!!
  • Grand Cañao more read article!.
  • Trip to Budapest Hungary November 3, 2012 more Photos.
  • Trip to Prague 20-21 October 2012 more Photos.
  • Presentation at Gaensendorf last 15th September 2012!
  • Congratulations to Igorot Austria - Cordillera for winning the "Best Booth" in Vienna, Austria Barrio Fiesta 2012.
  • Inauguration Day 12th of May 2012 in Vienna, Austria!
  • Igorot Austria - Cordillera Inauguration's Day

About Us!

We, the members of the Igorot  Austria - Cordillera; do hereby form and established...

about us!

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Igorot Austria - Cordillera
Teichgasse 11/3/6
1100, Vienna


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“We are starting this organization  to promote the cultural values and traditions of the entire Cordillera region,  and to promulgate its ancestral heritage bestowed to our forefathers. It is high time to talk more about us, about the revolution in the lifestyle of an Igorot, parallel to civilization”

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