About Us!

Written by Igorot Austria - Cordillera.

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We, the members of the Igorot  Austria - Cordillera; do hereby form and established this non-profit socio-cultural organization that is grounded on and guided by the values of our forefathers whose keen sense of community and brotherhood we endeavour to emulate and propagate.

With integrity and conviction, we shall strive to periodically, examine, analyze and evaluate our acts, practices, policies and ideas as individual and as an organization to ensure the relevance of our goals.

The purpose and Objectives for which this organization is founded are:

1. To practice and promote the values of the Igorot Culture and Heritage.

2. To serve as a community forum for all Igorot working and living in Austria.

3. To address issues confronting the Igorot in the Cordillerra, Philippines.

4. To Integrate friendly relationship with other cultures and organizations based on common values specially  in the Austrian community.

5. And in the pursuit of these goals it shall engage in social and cultural benefit programs or activities to support its objectives.