Frequently Asked Questions!

Written by Igorot Austria - Cordillera.

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Objectives of Igorot Austria - Cordillera

The purpose and Objectives for which this organization is founded are:

1. To practice and promote the values of the Igorot Culture and Heritage.

2. To serve as a community forum for all Igorot working and living in Austria.

3. To address issues confronting the Igorot in the Cordillerra , Philippines.

4. To Integrate friendly relationship with other cultures and organizations based on common values specially  in the Austrian community.  .

5. And in the pursuit of these goals it shall engage in social and cultural benefit programs or activities to support its objectives.

Qualification and Membership of Igorot Austria - Cordillera

1: All FILIPINOS working and living in Austria with Igorot origin or affinity in any form regardless of national origin or place of residence is qualified to be a member of the IGOROT AUSTRIA -CORDILLERA.

2: The membership in the IGOROT AUSTRIA - CORDILLERA shall become effective upon payment of the annual membership fee with application form signed by the secretary/treasurer of the IGOROT AUSTRIA - CORDILLERA.

3: Membership shall be refused to an applicant after due consideration of his/her membership application form followed by a release of an refusals letter from  the “CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS”

4:Qualified member shall be entitled to these rights and duties:
1. To attend and participate in all meetings of the Club excluding the meetings of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.
2. To participate actively in all activities organized by the IGOROT AUSTRIA - CORDILLERA.
3. To pay the annual membership fee.
4. To vote and be voted upon.
5. To be informed about the records of the IGOROT AUSTRIA - CORDILLERA during the General Assembly.
6. To enjoy privileges from all products generated by Igorot Austria - Cordillera.
7. And to promote the interest and objectives of the club.